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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:54:55 EDT

Fiducia Nessuno <[email protected]> wrote:
<<Run. It's my first post.

<<>>>I almost thoroughly agree myself that this "leek" is hard to believe.
<<For me, when vegetables learn to type is a time to open myself to extreme

<<>>Desire was at its most stripped down in Popmart.
<<It was considerably bare-boned, given that half the lyrics were missing.
<<"Something... uhm... ladeedum... [furious strumming] DESIIIIRE!"

<<If U2 were therapy none of us would be here.
relating, TOTALLY

<<Younglust spaketh:
<<>><<What are some prices you all have heard U2 tickets go for?
<<>I paid $300 for my front row seat at Montreal.<<

<<Forgive me, but *why*?
Well, I was flying from Philly to Montreal. I got all the info on the
Canadian equivalent of Ticketmaster (can't remember the name *sigh*), called
them up, waited forever to be told they had no tickets available. Tried to
find out if any tix would be released on the day of the show and no info was
avail *sigh again*. So, being the inexperienced ticket-getter I am, I was
REALLY concerned about spending $260 on round trip Montreal airfare only to
stand outside the venue and listen to the band I'd been jonesing to hear live
since I saw them in Philly in June. So, I went to an agency *gasp* and got a
front row ticket for $300. And as far as I'm concerned it was worth EVERY
PENNY, even though I didn't even use the seat :o) (I got to the bstage for
my birthday! YAY!!!) But, now I have a better idea of how U2 tix I am a proud new subscriber to Propaganda!!!
So...I'd say my days paying $300 for tickets are over :o) (Now ain'cha sorry
ya asked?? LOL)

Anyway, thanks for the humor intertwined in your thoughtful post. I was
having a really rotten day at work till I read it. Thanks for the chuckles!!!
(Shhh...boss doesn't know I read WIRE at's a secret LOL)

Also, Anne <[email protected]> wrote: Re: Musings Of A Cigarette-Smoking Woman
<<Fiducia Nessuno wrote:
<<> Run. It's my first post.

<<SNIP! Well, congratulations. In your first post, you managed to rip about
<<people apart for no good reason. If this is all you plan to contribute to
<<Wire, don't bother posting again.
*sheesh* Sensitive much, Anne?? I thought Fiducia's post was pretty funny. It
was totally bare of hateful or venomous name calling, which I have seen on the
WIRE from time to time. At least she cushions her blows with a smile...

I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that...

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