Edge at the Rockies game

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Thu, 13 Aug 1998 23:17:21 EDT

okay so last saturday the 8th, lil edges birthday, my good friend went to the
Colorado Rockies baseball game and from what she told me they did a trivia
game there and asked the fans whos birthday it was that day...the choices that
were given were

1) The Edge (from U2)
2) Cher
3) ?? (and I forget which other one she told me)

well ...yes...obviously U can guess the answer as did she though shes not
really a fan and only knew the answer as we were out the night before at the
Tricky concert and I made her make a toast to Edge for his birthday (we were
celebrating Edges birthday via Dublin time :)

So I guess she stood up and yelled EDGE! as loud as she could (cause she was
doing it in support of me--nice girl) and some guy apparently 2 rows down from
her stood up and ADIMATELY stated that it was Chers and the 2 began to
argue....a few minutes later a guy to the right of her said..Im sorry my
friend but the lady is right...it IS The Edges birthday today..dont U read the
papers?? It was in there....the guy refused to back down and they continued to
argue until the answer was posted on the screen in the stadium....

she said the guy apologized, as he should, and sat down and said not one more
word the rest of the day....

anyway..i thought I would share..I thought it was cute that they asked this
question to 40,000 baseball fans :)

of course..my friend neglects to tell me this great story until OH...last
night the 12th!!! 4 days later!!! what was SHE thinking?? :))))))


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