Re: Lack of Courtesy

J ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 20:13:25 -0700 (PDT)

John said:

>However, I think we all agree that people
can bond with U2 or anything else on many, many levels.

Well, stated John. If you had this in mind all along, why did you
have to say what you said to FarawaySoClose?

>FarawaySoClose can't quite relate to the emotions of >this music. One
can appreciate the music and even >love it, but it's not quite the
same as a person who >was 18 in 1968 facing the conflicts of that
>generation. And this is the only point that was being >made.

I'm sure she doesn't even appreciate 1998 music in the same way as
another 19 yr old like her would, even given the conflicts of this
generation. Remeber, different strokes for different folks, so it was
unfair for you to pass judgement on FaawaySoClose. Although you did
not expressly state it, I got the impression that her appreciation was
"less" (stated in a subtle manner)for 1968 music when you referred to
it as "not quite the same."



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