rob okorn ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:03:15 PDT

Relevance of a song is not limited to an era, the distinction lies with
the degree of relevance to that current era.
Timelessness isn't determined by the relavance of a song, that's a
convenient myopic view.
As far as the retroactive point, every song is implicitly retroactive
based on events or experiences of the past, so it's a flawed point.
Mothers was based on Bono's '86 trip to south america,does J expect U2
to record every JT track the same day it's released so that it doesn't
lose it's relevance due to the retroactiuve events argument. Points
like that just excacerbate my J induced medical condition, I just can't
sjake this infectious laugh everytime J posts. The death squads in South
America were still 'disappearing' those children in '87. The 4/25/87
'Mothers...' version is superb, I'll just leave it at that, I guess
Bono's improv on that version isn't as compelling as your version. I'll
listen to frisco, thanks anyways.

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