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Sorry these are the wrong way round!

Hi guys...
I went onto #u2 undernet earlier and found these two really cool ppl talkin
about christianity and how it kind of relates in with U2's music. Because
there's been some christian talk on here recently, and since I was logging
I thought I'd post what they had to say. They sounded pretty intelligent
and here it is to share with you.

<PartygirI> if you're not a christian you're obviously not a u2 fan so you
may as well just piss off
<PartygirI> we don't want atheist scum in here
<PartygirI> or fucking muslims
<u2fan> Yeah.
<u2fan> I mean, the muslims put the death sentence on Rushdie and he's
Bono's friend!
<PartygirI> yeah!
<PartygirI> and they, like, mention jesus in songs and stuff
*** u2fan changes topic to 'Peace in Northern Ireland... please...
please... please... get up off your knees now please...'
<PartygirI> i think it's really good actually that altho they're like a
trendy band they're not, y'know, sort of ashamed of their christianity and
put it in songs for us to know to spread the word of god
<PartygirI> and how bono cleverly sets himself up as a jesus figure so
people can relate to god through him and his word
<u2fan> yeah it's like they say if your a christian just tell the world and
try to save it as well
<PartygirI> i think maybe the band should be photographed on crucifixes
just to show how much jesus suffered to save us from all our sins
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<u2fan> or maybe bono could carry a cross on stage for the opening of the
next tour
<PartygirI> yeah
<PartygirI> and have wirelings behind him as his disciples
<u2fan> like he carried the cross for all our shame
<PartygirI> and they should get dik evans on-stage as judas because he
deserted bono
<u2fan> better yet, maybe the wirelings could carry the cross to symbolize
how they carried him through all these years
<PartygirI> yeah, without the wirelings support u2 would be nowhere
<PartygirI> and exit could be like the jews
<PartygirI> they see the truth, but they've twisted it in a bad way
<u2fan> and maybe they could have stalker executed on stage... you know the
one who was after adam
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<u2fan> that stalker i meant
<PartygirI> yeah... I think they should make the next album only available
in stores who close for the lord's day on sunday
<u2fan> i think tickets to u2 concerts should only be offered to members of
amnesty international
<PartygirI> and greenpeace of course
<PartygirI> but not as many
<u2fan> they should write a song called 'sellafield bloody sellafield'
<PartygirI> perhaps bono should let all the wirelings masturbate openly
over the popmart giant screen, so then it would be like, stained glass
<u2fan> and one called 'exit gerry adams'
<PartygirI> "for junameri punoerplix, imprisoned malaysia 1992"
<u2fan> i don't think they should let in people who aren't caucasian at all
for the shows
<PartygirI> it would solve the ticket problems
<u2fan> it's like, blacks and people from the middle east can't be real
<PartygirI> and separate the true fans from the hangers-on
<PartygirI> i mean, if u2 were black they would be awful
<u2fan> indeed
<PartygirI> I saw Bono photographed with a black person once
<u2fan> they'd probably be smoking pot and doing drugs like most blacks
<PartygirI> i hope he washed himself afterwards
<PartygirI> it was the evil blacks who corrupted adam in 1989
<PartygirI> turned him away from god's path
<PartygirI> but adam donated all that money to the rape crisis centre.
<PartygirI> as long as they don't support abortion then adam must have seen
the light again
<u2fan> i cried when edge got divorced
<PartygirI> must have been one of those forced marriages
<PartygirI> a good man like edge should have known better than to get
involved in that kind of thing
<u2fan> or maybe his wife turned out to be a muslim
<u2fan> or it could be she slept with someone else
<u2fan> then it's ok that he divorced her
<u2fan> he doesn't deserve that
<u2fan> it's a good thing he had that belly dancer to comfort him though
<PartygirI> yeag
<PartygirI> she showed a bit more flesh than i was happy with at the zootv
shows, but it's nice to see david settled
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<PartygirI> i wish bono wouldn't make those explicit gestures at the camera
with his pelvis. doesn't he realise that they're young children watching?
<PartygirI> maybe it's his way of telling them about the birds and the bees
<u2fan> he could be bit more subtle though
<u2fan> i don't like those lines from out of control
<u2fan> "they make children, not like this one"
<u2fan> and he could've avoided using the f-word in wake up dead man
<PartygirI> i think that was edge... i mean he co-wrote the lyrics on pop
<PartygirI> he must have been corrupted by his muslim wife
<u2fan> i heard muslims swear a lot
<PartygirI> at least they don't have sexual intercourse
<u2fan> i think they screw like rabbits
<u2fan> just like the jews
<PartygirI> they do someting to jewish people's willies when they're young
to make them have sex a lot
<PartygirI> they encourage it
<u2fan> i think the wanderer is about how the earth will be after a world
war caused by muslims and jews
<u2fan> how we'll all die but we'll come home to jesus
<u2fan> while the jews and the muslims will rot in hell
<PartygirI> bono... he's so clever that he can right something like that
<PartygirI> I think he must have met jesus
<PartygirI> had a visitation or something
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<u2fan> i think jesus lives in bono
<u2fan> bono is jesus' way of saying things to all of us
<u2fan> he speaks through bono
<PartygirI> yes... jesus is testing us to check we are still faithful
before revealing himself fully in the second coming
<u2fan> i bet jesus would have been the rhythm guitarist in u2 if he'd been
alive today
<PartygirI> it would be interesting to note his reaction to wake up dead
<PartygirI> i still think u2 got bribed into writing something so
<u2fan> i just realized i didn't say "god bless you" to anybody today :(
<PartygirI> you are bad
<PartygirI> but remember, bono forgives
<PartygirI> say a special prayer to paul hewson and say how sorry you are
<u2fan> i pray for him all the time
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<u2fan> every night before i go to bed, i pray for the people in northern
ireland, the people in sarajevo, and especially for bono
<PartygirI> him saying thank you to popmartians was his way of thanking his
disciples for all their kind prayers
<u2fan> yes its like he connected to each of us individually
<u2fan> you could feel he really cared for all of us, his tru fans
<PartygirI> i mean he didn't thank "popexiters" or whatever they call
<u2fan> they should play a gig in a church again
<u2fan> like with i still haven't found
<u2fan> only there should'nt be any blacks this time
<u2fan> i appreciate how u2 showed their compassion for the blacks back
then because they know their an inferior race
<u2fan> but id like them to keep it pure this time
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<PartygirI> i tried to get rattle and hum shown at my sunday school... they
told me to "fuck off". I thought that might mean yes because Bono says it
so much, especially at the end of gigs.
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<PartygirI> i think the branding of "fuck" a swear-word is something of a
mistake considering bono uses it so much
<u2fan> bono uses such cool slang
<PartygirI> i'm sure jesus did as well, it's just those evil jews messed up
the translation
<u2fan> it probably has an ancient biblical meaning
<u2fan> and that's why people hate it so much
<u2fan> because their not christian
<u2fan> yeah

more in part 2.

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