hey guys... (part 2)

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Here's part two of the conversation.

in the name of love...

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<u2fan> i was so sad when sinatra died
<u2fan> i bought all his albums the very next day
<PartygirI> i mean you don't hear him say really nasty words like "satan"
do you?
<PartygirI> a got them all after i've got you under my skin
<PartygirI> how many sinatra bootlegs have you got now?
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<u2fan> ive only got five
<u2fan> their hard to come buy
<u2fan> i think bono used the mcphisto characters to show us all that
theirs something good in the devil too
<u2fan> that we should forgive those who the devil posess
<PartygirI> or maybe he was mimicking the devil, showing that he wasn't
scared of his evil powers
<u2fan> yeah!
<PartygirI> or perhaps that the devil and jesus are the same person!
<u2fan> i dont remmeber how it goes
<PartygirI> I must look it up in the third testament, sorry bill
flanaghan's book
<u2fan> i got this book with bono quotes
<u2fan> its so cool
<u2fan> i bet when bono wakes up in the morning he says something cool
every time
<PartygirI> yeah...
<u2fan> prolly all irish do
<u2fan> the irish are just such good people
<u2fan> u2 could never have come from another country
<PartygirI> that's why i'm in #ireland and #celtic all the time
<u2fan> its like with jesus
<u2fan> they suffered so much to become so pure
<PartygirI> those nasty people like gerry adams
<PartygirI> I bet he's black but just paints his skin to be accepted into
the community
<u2fan> yeah
<u2fan> northern ireland should be irish but not with force
<u2fan> i hope one day bono will be able to declare nothern ireland irish
territory again
<u2fan> only the americans understand the hardships of the irish
<PartygirI> there is a simple solution i'm sure bono's thought of. have
all of britain irish as well then everyone will be happy because northern
ireland will both part of ireland and unified to the united kingdom
<PartygirI> he's so clever, i'm sure he sent that to me in a dream because
he loves me
<u2fan> i dreamed i met bono the other night
<u2fan> he was so cool
<u2fan> just like on tv
<PartygirI> i still hold a special service everyday on the anniversary of
every popmart concert
<PartygirI> i managed to see him at most of the concerts
<PartygirI> i'm worried i won't be accepted as a true fan as i couldn't get
a visa to get into chile to see the concert there although i had a ticket
and everything
<PartygirI> that was the only concert i missed
<u2fan> i deliberately avoided the south african concerts
<u2fan> i know u2 didn't want to play there themselves
<PartygirI> that is no excuse
<PartygirI> you should be ashamed of yourself
<PartygirI> how can you be a real fan when you do not at least try to go to
all the concerts!
<u2fan> it felt right at the time
<PartygirI> you have sinned
<PartygirI> i even cancelled my operation in hospital to get a tumour
removed just so i could see them in tel aviv
<PartygirI> i didn't like it
<u2fan> it's sorta like the time when i didn't buy the discotheque cassette
<PartygirI> too many blacks
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<PartygirI> why did you not buy it??!!
<u2fan> it felt right at the time because i was completely broke but now i
know it was stupid because my collection is incomplete
<_asph> wow
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<PartygirI> you need to find a copy soon
<PartygirI> before the next release
<PartygirI> then i think you will be forgiven
<PartygirI> I'm still regretting the time i didn't buy my 20th
 copy of Pop when I saw it in a sale...
<u2fan> i bought five copies of the green last night on earth single to
make up for it
<PartygirI> i try to buy one copy of each album for every month they have
been out
<u2fan> i just got the malaysian version of pop the other day
<PartygirI> well done
<PartygirI> i got that one last month
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<u2fan> my mom ruined my war tour t-shirt the other day :(
<u2fan> it cost me $100
<u2fan> :((
<PartygirI> you'll have to order another one
<PartygirI> real of course
<PartygirI> they're usually some non-believers who are up for selling them
to you
<u2fan> yea
<u2fan> i'm not sure i can afford it though
<u2fan> i'm saving up for college
*** u2fan changes topic to 'now how do you feel, DICK evans!'
<PartygirI> burn! burn! burn!
<PartygirI> the virgin prunes were all gay anyway
<PartygirI> i don't know why u2 hang out with fags
<u2fan> i think bono wants to cure them
<u2fan> he knows their ill
<PartygirI> i still find it repulsive when he kisses edge tho
<u2fan> adam is probably disgusted tho
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<u2fan> we have to remember that as close as they come, their not perfect
after all
<u2fan> and this makes it a little easier for the rest of us to accept that
were definatly not perfect either
<PartygirI> oh yes... in everything they do you can find good, because
everything they do is good
<u2fan> maybe bono kisses edge to ridicule the gays
<u2fan> i think the best way to cure the gays is to taunt them
<PartygirI> that mock the devil quote again
<PartygirI> gays are the devils servants anyway
<u2fan> yeah
<u2fan> we shouldnt talk about gays so much tho
<PartygirI> they just want the attention
<u2fan> its best to leave the topic alone
<PartygirI> like their fag marches
<u2fan> yeah and how they called 'one
<u2fan> a gay song
<u2fan> i cried when they did that
<PartygirI> we must have misheard them
<PartygirI> i'm sure they meant a may song, because that was the month it
was released as a single
<PartygirI> it fits the month well i believe
<u2fan> i think one is about how gays get aids because their sinning and
thats why its ok that they suffer and die
<PartygirI> yeah... the carry each other line must be about them carrying
each other's corpses when they are killed by bono/jesus
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<u2fan> and the line about "you ask me to enter but then you make me crawl"
is a reference to their disgusting sexual preferences
<PartygirI> those gay pet shop boys fags should burn in hell for eternity
for daring to mock the lord with their cover of "where the streets have no
name" - it was utter blasphemy
<u2fan> yeah
<u2fan> their probably drug addicts too
<u2fan> white blacks
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<u2fan> well
<u2fan> what do you think numb is about?
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<PartygirI> ummm... I think it's about how all blacks want to tell us
whites what to do and how it should be the other way round
<PartygirI> i'm surprised they appeared on the same bill as those public
enemy niggers
<PartygirI> rap is the music of black supremacy
<PartygirI> u2 are quite literally god's music
<u2fan> i think they wanted to display the superiority of white music
<PartygirI> it attracted scum to the concert tho
<PartygirI> I could hardly breathe, being surrounded by those
 low-life scum only there for the support
<u2fan> well they got to see how u2 can kick all black's ass
<PartygirI> yeah!
<u2fan> i like one line in particular
<PartygirI> they should have the irish flag upside down and at half mast at
their concerts
<PartygirI> to symbolise international distress at unborn babies being
murdered by governments
<u2fan> "your skin is white but you think your a brother, some days are
better than others"
<u2fan> that is soooo cool
<u2fan> its like they say we all have bad days when could just as well have
been black, but fortunately well soon be back to white standards
<PartygirI> yeah!
<PartygirI> Bono is sooo clever at writing lyrics
<u2fan> it makes me sick to think about all the abortions
<PartygirI> I like the lyrics in the Book of Proverbs best, oh and The
Joshua Tree
<u2fan> ive seen these pictures where they take out the babies just a few
days before their due to be born and kill them
<PartygirI> u2 should play a benefit against that
<PartygirI> it's been too long since they've done a gig for charity
<PartygirI> altho they donated all the profits from popmart to amnesty
<PartygirI> i personally think all amnesty international profits should be
donated to u2
<PartygirI> they would know what to do with the money in a far better way
than amnesty
<u2fan> yes
<u2fan> bono is so wise
<PartygirI> he went and worked with some blacks in the 80s... I hope he put
them in their place
<u2fan> i bet he did
<PartygirI> told them that it was only by the grace of god that they were
still living on this planet and should praise him for it, even tho they
didn't qualify as real christians
<u2fan> maybe he just made fun of them
<u2fan> hes such a prankster
<PartygirI> he love his jokes doesn't he...
<PartygirI> I mean that Rattle and Hum album, that was a
  fucking joke...
<PartygirI> ooooooo I love using his slang!

In the name of love...

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