searching for 'green' LNOE single / ASIN numbers (fwd)

Joel Schander ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:51:24 -0400 (EDT)

        i'm hoping that someone can help me. i am trying to get a copy of
the LNOE single (i think it has a green cover) that has the following
tracks: LNOE (first night in hell mix), Pop Muzik (PopMart Mix), and
Happiness is a Warm Gun (Danny Sabre mix).
        i thought i had ordered this single from, but i just
got the australian copy of the 'orange' LNOE single -- with one less
track than the orange one i already have. has this listed as
'Last Night on Earth Pt. 1 [CD-Single] [Import]'
        i was under the impression that LNOE pt. 1 was the green one and
LNOE pt. 2 was the orange one. this apparently isn't the case.
        tonight, i went back to to see if they had sent me the
wrong single only to find that they now list 4 LNOE singles: Last Night on
Earth #1 [Import], Last Night on Earth #2 [Import], Last Night on Earth
Pt.1 [CD-Single] [Import] (the one I was sent), and Last Night on Earth
Pt. 2 [Cd-Single] [Import]. The second CD on that list has a picture --
it's got a green cover. Now I want to know about the fourth one -- i
want to find out if it has a green cover, too. i think there may be an
additional track on one of the CDs, but I don't know which it would be.
        has anyone ordered the green LNOE single from amazon? know which
one it was?

<where the ASIN stuff comes in to this>
        amazon has a stupid way of categorizing CDs - they yse ASIN
numbers, which are apparently some sort of universal serial numbers for
CDs. the only problem is that i can't find ASIN numbers on any of my CDs
-- and when i asked amazon to help, they were just as clueless as i am.
if i knew how to find ASIN numbers or knew the ASIN number of the CD i
want, then there'd be no problems, but there is no other way to know ahead
of time which CD i am ordering without having to buy/pay shipping/wait for
the mail/hope they'll take the CD back if it's not the one i want. . .
they can't tell me what mixes os songs are on a CD, and they don't catalog
the manufacturer's serial numbers -- just the ASIN number.
        *** does anyone know how to find out ASIN numbers? ***

        i checked out polygram/island and their websites were no help,
although i did ship off an email in the hopes that they could help.

thanks for any info you can give me (send it to me directly, please)
and/or actually reading all of this.


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