U2 parody on old Simpsons?

Lady Cailin ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:05:24 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Wire..

Was just watching an old rerun of the Simpsons. The episode was about
Homer's "five and a half weeks at the top" as part of a barber-shop
quartet, and it seems like bits of it were U2 related. Of course, I
have U2 on the brain....
But the stand-out bits (to me) were when they won the Grammy and were
standing together at a press conference with all the cameras flashing
(a la Rattle and Hum) and of course the end where they go up on the
rooftop of the tavern to do a surprise gig and end up holding up
traffic and getting the police riled up. That seemed a little blatant.
George Harrison (was that still George Harrison? Couldn't tell.) drove
by, paused, and then said "been done.." so there ya go.
Heff.. just thought that was funny, thought I'd share...


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