Bono's Underwear!!!!!! ===> No, we won't stop talking about it!!!

Agent Ana MacPhisto ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 20:45:19 -0300

Hello Wirelings!!!

        I was going nuts if someone didin't started that "Bono's underwear"
thing . . . The age debate is too much for a 14 year old that jumps to
Gloria (hehehehe!! I get over excited too easily!!!). [Gets all happy 'cause
she's listening to War right now] Anyway, I don't think Bono wears any
underwear . . . I mean, I can't see it in my videos (And yes, those pants
would show undies . . . He loves tight pants, doesn't him?). But if he does,
I stick with the black ones (sexy! ;-).

        But about the age . . . Oh, well, I am a youger, but I don't care if
you say I'm a child (I would love to see The Fly telling me so!! Oh, I'm
drifting ;-), 'cause I know I'm not!!! I mean, I don't need to say that I
understand U2 as much as anyone here because I know that you know it
already! So, "what for"? All I can say is that I realize I'm young and that
I would love to talk to an older fan. But I can always say that I do
understand Boy since I'm searching for *my* soul. . . And I do understand
POP because I'm living today, so I know the reasons of Please. Enought with
        Well, I was reding all those "age" posts and after going through a
hundreds of "We're one but we're not the same" I started laughing (along
with my sister) because it's like a that "It's who we are" line from
Millennium (anyone else here watches it??), "One but not the same" . . .
Funny way to approach to a Wireling in a concert:

[Ana approaches wireling and smiles]: One but not the same.
[Wireling smiling]: One but not the same.
[wireling's talk takes place]

        Hehehe, funny!!!!! I would love to see something like this
happening!!!! Ohh, I guess I'm drifting again . . . Oh well, gonna listen to
Drowning Man some hundred times . . .

        Ow, ow!! I forgot!! If anyone can give me URLs or send to my e-mail
addy any poetry by Bono I would be *very* happy!! (even when all I can do
for you is send nice pics ;-) I'm in the process of making a U2 page and I
need some nice stuff about the guys (but I already got all the stuff about
school and birthdates. That's what an older sister's for ;-). Ok, NOW i'm
going.... (oohhh, writing to Wire's addictive!! @[email protected])

Ana MacPhisto, who's saving her money to the next tour (what do you mean,
"and if the next album don't get a tour?" It will!!! ;-)

[still listening to War: "Two heaaaarts beat as oneeeeeee, two heaaaarts . .
." Is that only me or this music is amazing?? Ahn, I think that it's because
I always "try to explain the way I feel", with no success . . .]

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