My very own u2 bond ;-))))

Agent Ana MacPhisto ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 20:45:30 -0300

Achtungs (is that a word?? ;-) Wirelings!!!!

Ok, I wasn't going to send this... Well, I was reading even more "age" posts
and I read about someone's bond with U2 then about Bono's histerical laugh
and I realized my bond:

*I also have a histerical laugh like Bono!!! ====> This is dumb, but is true!!!

So, do you remeber Bono's laugh in that "Making of Pride" in The
Unforgettable Fire Collection video?? That's my laugh! ;-)

Peace, love, lemons and The Edge!!!!!!

Ana, still looking for a mirrorball... Why can't I ever find one?

"...And take my hand, you know I'll be there, if you can, I'll cross the sky
for your love. And I understand. These winds and tides, this change of
times, won't drag you away..." ====> Yep, I'm in a War week!!!!

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