have you been away

Sharon Winsatt ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 06:11:09 PDT

I've been stuck in the back of beyound (on staff at a boy scout camp)
and have recently gotten back to civilization...
I lleft the day after a very stormy TFC...didn't get to see R.E.M.
perform but did get to see Stipey up close...I was standing with a group
of fans and some of them screamed...Michael looked right at me..looked
rather amused..smiled and waved. My one little moment in time with the
guy and he thought I screamed at him...I (very embarrassed) waved
back...and the people screamed again. My friend with me laughed and
said he was used to boisterious fans and at least I got a smile and a
wave out of him...which is a hell of a lot more than most fans get....oh
well..perhaps I'll get a second chance..

I took my U2 Cd's to camp and the younger staff members really liked the
Joshua Tree...playing it constantly. They would tease me about liking
U2...saying things like "They used to be cool..." Yeah..they were cool
but I think they've sold out.." They were teasing of course but I always
rost to the defense of our guys...for some reason I played "The
Unforgettable Fire" over and over...kind of reached out to me and my
I hope that if I ever come close to Bono everyone around me is cool and
calm (HA!)...I would hate it if my time allotted in this millinium just
for Bono was runined...I know..it wouldn't matter to him but it would
matter to me...!!! Glad to be back...

                               Sharon W.

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