AI Fundraiser total so far!/goal beat!/deadline

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 09:47:41 -0400

Collected so far- -$1048.91 from 52 (out of 4000?) people! This does not
include outstanding auction money! Last year's donation = $1074.68;
clearly we will beat that! :-)

***Deadline for donations - 8/31/98! Hurry - hurry!! If your are sure that
you *will* donate but need more time than this, let me know - I have waited
for definite donations in the past!

 - If you are a high bidder who HAS received the auction item you won,
please email me and let me know - I can delete 4-8 emails connected with
each auction item! (You would NOT believe my email) I would appreciate your
help with this! :) Also, I do want to make sure that auction items are
sent/received - my job is not done until you get your item!



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