I Heard the New Kirk Franklin/Bono/R. Kelly/Mary J. Blige/Crystal Lewis Song This Morning

Deseree Stukes ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 10:35:36 -0400

yep, yep

i was driving into work (don't ask) and was pulling into McDonald's to
grab breakfast, so i turned to one of the Sunday morning gospel stations
in DC -- WPGC (95.5). I estimate that i heard the last 60 seconds or so
of the song. But i realized i was listening to Kirk Franklin and that
it was a new one. So, i turned up the radio and started hearing the
words Lean On Me (the name of the song).

Well, when the song finished the DJ announced that was the new Kirk
Franklin featuring Bono. He had to pronounce Bono's name twice because
he said Bo-know the first time. He also mentioned that folks are going
to be surprised at the sound because it's in the traditional Af-Am
gospel (slow) as opposed to being hip-hop or rap which Kirk dabbled in
on his last album. At this point the DJ said the song was expected to
be hot and that his phones were already lighting up.

Well, this was the last song played before they went into their Top 10
Gospel countdown. I have now switched over to the other Af-Am gospel
station and am hoping to hear it. Going to see if i can call the radio
station and practice my begging techniques because i have a tape in a


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