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> Subject: searching the archives...
> Someone, (sorry, don't remember who) said that they had on video the footage
> of when Bono dislocated his shoulder and was taken to the hospital. From what
> I understood, Phil Janou was told to "get the fuck out of my ambulance!"
> courtesy of Bono. Does anyone have this video, or is it all just bullocks?
> Thanks a bunch,
> Kelly

I've seen the footage, so its not just bullocks, but it doesn't go the way
you think. Yes, the ride to the hospital was filmed in part, but Bono
didn't yell at all--if anything, he was being pretty mellow, considering
that (1) he's obviously in a _lot_ of pain, and (2) he's drinking liquor
straight from the limo's bar decanter (and asking "When do the painkillers
kick in?") There's an America fellow riding alongside the camerman, who I
assumed was some sort of medical/emergency staff from the venue who
accompanied them to the hospital. At one point, he says, "The hospital is
only about 10 minutes away", and Bono perks up and asks, "Are there any
pretty nurses there?" :P (Mind you, I'm drawing all this from memory,
and it's been a while since I've watched the video, but this is close
enough for starters!)

After a while, Paul McGuinness--inscrutable as usual--calmly says, "Do you
think you have enough of that, Phil?"

Point taken--the film cuts off. There is a very, very brief clip of Bono
and Ali at the hospital, but it just shows them being ushered into a
private room with the nurse, etc.


Elizabeth Platt
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