Superficial attitude

rob okorn ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 10:15:35 PDT

The point for J and his groupies is that the superifical aspects
disconnect us from the passions that music more than just a disposable
commodity. It's not simply about the 'clothes' it's the whole
superficial complex and what it entails and being oblivious to that is
analogous to blindness. Anyone can dismiss and overlook the transparent
stage theatrics, people have fun with it but you a price for that
disconnecting extraneousness.
I guess if Bono wore a cape and a ronald macdonald clown outfit with
someone juggling on top of his head during the show it would make a
heartfelt song that much more compelling. After all the appearance AND
ATTITUDE are irrelvant, people prefer to be disconnected from the
passion that makes music more than just a commodity.

Ironic that the counter points mimic the watered down derivativeness of
the themes.

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