Dublin Story Part II

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 11:11 +0200 (MET)

                Hi U2 lovers !

        As some wirelings asked me for sending again the Part II of my story
to them because they failed to find it on the Wire Archives, i send it again
on Wire too. Here it is :

                Hi again !

        This is the second part of my story....

        Sunday, July 19 : Dublin visit (Trinity College, St Stephen park, St
Stephen store, part of Phoenix Park) and U2 shopping. There are some very
interesting stores for official U2 stuff and bootlegs. The more complete
store about U2 tapes, CDs and videotapes is called Rythin Records Store, at
the angle Bedford Row/Crampton Quay, Dublin 2. There is another good store,
Collector Record in Wickow street, near Grafton street which is a great
pedestrian street. My advice: ask for listening/viewing all the boots you
plan to buy before buying them, the sellers are reliable but sometimes they
have undeliberate problems with their recording. However, if you have a
problem, they always accept to replace your tape.

        Monday, July 20 : Visit the Dublin Tourism Center, there are great
shops there where you can find many kinds of souvenirs. Visit also the
National Gallery. We decided to have lunch at the Captain America's, on
Grafton Street. And we're absolutely right !!!!! This restaurant is really
incredible !!!! There are so much U2 stuff there !!!! Imagine, Bono's red
guitar signed by the 4 of them, singles signed by one or another member,
Bono's muscle shirt signed too, Larry drums and many pÓctures of them.
:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I've even seen pictures on the way to the
toilets ! I shoot pictures of all their stuff. And during shooting, i've
heard a Dubliner saying "hoho, they're fans !" Hehe ! Sure we are ! :-D We
had a little time before the meeting with the other french fans, so we've
also seen Bonavox store on Earl street.
        On the afternoon, we came to Point Depot at the end of the quays, at
the port of Dublin. Warning ! You have to walk during about 30 min to reach
it. Don't believe any Irish who says to you "it's not far, just 10 min
walking". And to go to Principle Management which is on the other side of
the Liffey (the river which crosses Dublin), 30-32 Sir Rodgersons Quay, you
have to come backwards because there is no bridge at this place which allows
to cross the Liffey. :-(((((((((((((((((((((((( So, we reached the PM after
about one hour walking, thinking about all the efforts U2 made us doing. ;-)
We're really crazy fans to act like that ;-))) We didn't see Paul McGuiness
as we were hoping because we've seen a very beautiful Jaguar in the parking,
but the guardian who came after 6 pm and talked with us a little, saying to
us we could meet Jerry, the security man of PM the next day about midday
because this man knew what were doing our 4 lovely boys because he was
always at the same place than Bono or Edge. Waou ! My longer sentence until
today ! ;-)) Then, we came back home, dreaming about a meeting with 4 lovely

        Tuesday, July 21 : on morning about 11 a.m. we left to PM to meet
Jerry. Some of us prefered to go directly to the Hanover Studios and left us
at PM. We met Jerry like the guardian said us the previous day. He's a very
nice guy who accepts to give you good informations about the band if he can
trust you. :-)))))))))))) So, don't hesitate to show him you're a
reasonable, reliable fan, i mean, not hysterical and he'll say to you
interesting things. For instance, we said to him we've seen Bono's house on
saturday, then he explained to us the week before, there were fans there who
jumped into Bono's garden in spite of the dogs ! We were so angry about this
behaviour we said to him "What stupid people !! They're even unable to
respect his private home !" and it's after that he told us Bono was in
France, Larry probably still in New York and Adam and Edge in Dublin. What
??? Adam in Dublin too ? Hope ! Hope ! But he thought they weren't recording
at that time :-(((((. We said to him we already knew Edge was there because
we've met him last saturday night on the street and we told Jerry how it
happened. And he was smiling, because we said to him Edge's look was really
sweet, he let us shoot him as much as we wanted,.... Then he replied Edge
was so kind with people because he just had a new baby and i replied
mischievously "he ! we already know this, she's a girl". And he was a little
surprised we could already know this. Well, thank you the L.A. wireling who
passed the info last October. ;-) You know who you are. And all that we told
him proved we were good fans (IMHO). So, he said to us we were very lucky to
see Edge but we had a little chance to see him again. :-((((( And he
promised to us "the next time you come to Dublin, go here first, i'll tell
you where they are and if you can meet them". :-)))))))))) I hope Jerry has
a good memory, hehe !! He can trust me, i'll never forget this sentence ;-)

        To be continued....

        In the name of love


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