Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:13 +0200 (MET)

                        Hi U2 lovers !

        So, this is the last part of my crazy week in Dublin. Let's go !

        Thursday, July 23 : So, we were waiting the opening of the Kitchen,
debating about who'll can enter in, because the age limit is 21 and 4 of us
were under this age. And these girls made themselves up very much to look
older ;-) In fact, the security men let enter all the girls without asking
their age but not all the boys. 2 of them in our group were under 21 and the
security men didn't let them enter :-(((((( So, you're warning ! ;-) If
you're under 21, wear clothes to look older, it's all that a boy can do. At
the cash desk of the kitchen, another bad surprise :-(( Some of us already
went to Kitchen last tuesday to know the price and it was only 4 (irish)
pounds. But this day, it was 7 :-(((((((((( As it was our last night in
Dublin, some of us didn't save money enough to pay it, so we had to give
them a few pounds. And they all could enter into the Kitchen. :-)))))) The
particularity of this discotheque compared to french ones is that the dance
floor is very small compared to the big place around the bars. In our
discotheques, it's the opposite, the dance floor is big and there're not so
many seats. Well, our whole group was gathered and we began to share our
adventures each other and to compare how many boots we have bought. We were
chatting together when suddenly i heard someone shouting "Edge ! Edge !"
What ?????? Edge is there !!!!!!!! It's not a joke ?????? No, it's true, i
can even see his black cap !
And yes ! He was there with Morleigh and some friends, sitting at a reserved
table at about 3 meters of us :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) And a
security man from the Kitchen watched everybody to be sure any bastard will
make a problem. And we couldn't believe our eyes we could see him again !
Obviously, anyone could approach him. Well, i think it's normal, maybe we
can let him alone from time to time ;-). So all the conversations turned to
Edge as subject, how lucky we were to see him again, especially because it
was our last night on earth, ooppss ! sorry, in Dublin ;-) Then, a movement
of the crowd showed us something was happened. Well, it just was Edge who
wanted to dance on the dance floor and had to cross the crowd to go there.
Obviously, he was escorted by a bodyguard and by Morleigh too. And everybody
let them pass, making a kind of guard of honour around him. :-))))))))))))))
Guess what we almost all did seeing this ? We waited a little to seem more
discreet.... and we all followed him on the dance floor ! We couldn't resist
more than a few minutes ! Obviously, we looked for him on the dance floor
but we avoid to surround him. We didn't want to annoy him. And well ! If you
could see him dance like this ! He was so happy ! A little like at Popmart
shows during his karaoke when everybody sang with him. And it made me so
happy to see him happy. :-))))))))))))))))))))))) I can say he really loves
techno, you could see it on his face. I'll never forget this ! And the
funniest thing about this is that all the fans there did their utmost not to
stare at him, it was so tempting to look at him dancing ;-) But when Edge
did a particular gesture during his dance, all the fans did the same gesture
too, but without looking at him. It was so funny ! And his bodyguard let us
dancing beside him, he just stayed out of the dance floor, only watching
everybody. :-)))))))))))). Obviously, Edge had noticed fans were there, he
had some looks at people around him, he surely noticed many fans had
followed him on the dance floor, but as everyone stayed quiet, he could
dance without any problem :-))))))))))))))))))))))) and he finished to
almost forget people around him. It was so wonderful to see him so happy !!!
I don't know if you can ever imagine the feelings i've had, dancing beside
him !!! It was like living in another world, well, living in heaven !!! You
can compare it with the feelings you can have during a U2 show in the
moments when you forgot totally where you are and who you are. But there, it
wasn't exactly the same thing, because we were so surprised that security
allowed us to stay so closed to him ! :-))))) After a few hours, don't ask
me how many, i can't remember, i was living in heaven !!!, he wanted to
leave. But apparently there was a problem outside, because we saw him come
back a few minutes later with a sad expression. As we all can understand it,
he didn't appreciate at all to be forced to stay inside because some fans
(or bastards ?) were waiting him outside. I didn't see their behaviour, so i
don't want to judge them. So, we saw him again and better now because many
people have left the place. We could come closer to him because there was
place enough but we didn't want to seem like bastards, so we stayed at our
place. And some of us noticed he looked at us and waved him with a big
smile. And Morleigh succeeded to bring back a smile on his face :-)))) Then,
it was 3 am and the music stopped. The security invited everybody to leave
the place and we began to collect all our stuff we brought with us in the
Kitchen. A friend of mine had lost her scarf, so we stayed a little more to
search it. The bodyguard (Edge was still there) asked us what we did and we
explained what kind of scarf we looked for. We finally found it and we
thanked him because he allowed us to stay, despite that everybody had
already left the place. And i said to him :"can you say bye to Edge and that
we're really happy to see him tonight because it's our last night in Dublin,
we come back home tomorrow. Thanks again". He said OK and smiled. And the
fan who had lost her scarf said then to him "you know, we're here in their
country, while Bono is at that time in OUR country. Can you see the problem
?" And this made him laugh ! Well, we thanked him again, he was very nice
with us, and we left heaven, sorry the Kitchen ;-) with a last glance at
Edge. We were the last people there. Then, we came back home but it was very
very very hard to sleep that night !!!!

        Friday, July 24 : It was hard to wake up that morning and we all
were in a bad mood because we had to leave this town. Well, as we usually
say in french, all the good things have an end, so we made our luggages and
took the plane, promising we'll come back soon. We all took the adresses of
each other to trade pictures and now i'm in august, looking at my pictures
of this crazy and unforgettable week !

        I hope you enjoyed my story, i'll also send another message with all
my advices for buying boots and seeing u2 sites.
        I also want to publicly thank Matt Mc Gee for his great site which
allowed us to see almost every U2 site we wanted. Thanks a lot, Matt ! I'll
look at your site again to see if something needs to be changed/added.

        In the name of love


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