Modsavage thankx!

allard van der werff ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 05:10:01 PDT

Hi all,

Modsavage, I just received your Sao Paulo-give-away cd-r's and they're

Now I'm not promoting or sucking up to Modsavage, because of what he's
done for me, but his age statement somehow has a point.
I am a youngster myself (19)and just over a year-and-half a U2 freak,
I've often wondered what it would be like if had known U2 from their
early days on. Those 80's were musically some interesting years which I
thankfully 'cause of the influence of my older brother can recollect.
But through the 'evil-thing' of bootlegs etc. one can try to catch up on
those years, though maybe not as thoroughly as the 'older' ones among

Allard (from The Netherlands, where things supposedly get crazy for
such a small country ;p)
*for boot MP3's visit my site
*and go to "U2"

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