Lemon Trance Mix + Mofo Explicit Mix MP3's & MP3 CD's

Jon. ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 19:11:50 +0100

I have finally got around to putting the Trance Mix of Lemon up on my
website in MP3 format. This is the remix from the very limited edition
promo double pack. It is not the bootleg Trance In The Perfecto Mix that is
on many of the 'fruit' CD's. I have also left, for the time being, the
Matthew Roberts Limited Edition Explicit Mix of Mofo up as well. Get them
ASAP as I don't know how long they might be there for. I want to put up a
lot of different songs :o)

I have also finished encoding all the stuff for the 5 CD set of MP3 files
that I have been creating. If you are interested the complete list of what
is on the CD's is below. I am selling the complete 5 CD set for 30
(Roughly $50) including postage. All the boots listed here are also
available as audio CD's.

Mexico PopMart
Santiago PopMart
Detroit PopMart
Barcelona PopMart
PopDream Believer
Shopping Eugene
Sarajevo PopMart
Wembley 23/8/97 PopMart
Johannesburg PopMart
Foxboro 2/7/97 PopMart
Zooropa 1993 - Dublin R.D.S.
Sidney In Flames - Sydney Z(T)(V)
The Complete Salome Outtakes
New Year's Night In Dublin
Rocks Hottest Ticket
Lovetown In Amsterdam
Autumn Fire
The Boston Tapes
More Melon
The Ultimate Acoustics Collection
Sao Paulo PopMart
All the b-sides to the CD singles from The Joshua Tree onwards.
Some songs from the Melbourne Soundcheck
Bad from Live-Aid
Mofo - Ltd Edition Explicit mix
Lemon - Trance Mix
Lemon - Momo Beats
The Remixes

I think that's everything!!

For more information either email me or visit my website at


If anybody who has contacted me and was interested in the CD's but has not
heard from me within the last week please get in touch. I lost all my email
messages a little while ago and haven't heard back from some people.


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