old news is good news and long too

doris pop ([email protected])
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 17:29:34 PDT

hi y'all

well in my weekly and shameful trash read binge i came across the
following, hope it hasn't already been posted 100 times or something:

1. in this weeks australian who weekly there is a cool picture of dave
stewart (? i think, the dude who used to be in the eurythmics) and BONO
looking funky and they are jamming on some french island or something.
details are sketchy but the picture is there. mum told me and she's
like: do you like bono
me: he's my second fave
her: whos the best
me: EDGE!!!
her: so they aren't the same person!!!!
i died!!

2. in yesterdays (tues) melbourne herald sun there were the top 100
bands/singers/etc which came about by a "survey that was conducted by
the British Market Research Bureau for the music magazine Mojo" looks
like 5000 odd people were surveyed. U2 clocked in at #24. here's the top
25, if yo desperate i could send the whole list but not today:

1 the beatles (big surprise)
2 elvis
3 frank sinatra
4 queen
5 elton john
6 celine dion (i don't understand!!)
7 cliff richards
8 oasis
9 pavarotti
10 phil collins
11 george michael (and his hand -joke)
12 nat king cole
13 bing crosby
14 michael jackson
15 shirley bassey
16 jim reeves
17 the rolling stones
18 simply red
19 rod stewart
20 madonna
22 neil diamond
23 bob marley
24 U2!!!!!!!!!!!
25 diana ross.

so there you go, hope it's not old and crusty news etc but hey i try.

regards, hermit mcdermitt.

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