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Tue, 18 Aug 1998 20:13:09 EDT

Karine Maucourt ([email protected]) wrote:

<<Just thinking this kind of comment has no place on Wire...PS: To Michael :
you're honest. It's great :-))>>

No, he is not honest, he is devious and conniving. With most people on Wire
now looking for decent boots and rarities at as little cost as possible, his
entire "free boots" post was inappropriate! and yes ... he is a Shit, and
pathetic because of that!

Let me also inform some of you some information. Michael posted his message
about the free tapes, and later confirmed to several people if they would send
his address he will send the tapes. About 6 hours after that, he posted his
"April Fool's" message! Let me tell you something. No one has ANY business
asking someone for their address unless they are going to pull through. It's
not professional -- whether he is a bootlegger by trade or not. And it is, at
the least, creepy (for lack of a better word).

My offer still stands ... if anyone wants something from my list, email me
with the narration by Adam at the end of Your Blue Room, and an audio item
from my page, and its yours! The first 20 people who respond to my original
post with the correct narration will get a tape. So hurry, there is only a
few more that I can do!

In the name of Sparky!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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