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Ariston Eschaton ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:21:05 +0100

achtung y'owl!

From: [email protected]

>>Let me tell you something. No one has ANY business
>>asking someone for their address unless they are going to pull through. It's
>>not professional

well, this isnt a professional forum! :)

>I actually must agree here with Shannon...anyone who is going to say that they
>will do something and then turn around and say ...sorry..I wasnt going to ..I
>just wanted someone to tell me happy birthday is manipulative.

maybe, but i think if anyone was manipulated, it was sad gullible people.
did anyone REALLY think someone out there was going to supply the world
and their dog with free copies of U2 material?

get real - posting tapes is expensive stuff, especially when you start talking
about a significant number of packages. *shakes head*

i dont think any sentient semi-intelligent person would just wake up
one morning and think "i know - i'll hammer out free tapes AND i'll
pay the postage!" ... :)

>This was intentionally done which makes me sick....AND..furthermore...
>he continued to mislead people by asking for their addresses which in
>turn is WRONG.

well, granted, if the entire event was a hoax, i myself would have
ended the thing before the "address" stage..

>We assume we are all okay because we are brought together by the biggest, badest,
>boldest, band in the land and the scary thing is U never know if one of these
>people are an axe murderer?

hehehahahahah! cmaaannn.. seriously - what are the chances of you emailing an
axe murderer? really.. ? about 0.001% ? fair risk i say - thats the risk you take
whenever you send your details over the internet.

this axe-murderer argument IMO is just plain silly.

>Im not saying ANYONE is..

oh.. im an axe murderer and im ok
i chop all night and i chop all day
i chop up girls i eat their flesh.. i go to the lavatory....

hehehehehe... :)

>Im simply stating a point when someone manipulates another and
>gets their HOME address out of it and then turns around and
>says SORRY...I never had any intentions on sending U
>anything..but guess what? I got your if I was one of those
>people who sent my address to Michael I would feel a bit uneasy at this

if anyone was REALLY paranoid about sending their home address out, they
should have used a PO box. lots of people do it for precisely this reason.

and anyway - anyone who hammers out their email address to a "free tapes!"
advert needs their head analysed, if you ask me. i think it was a bit
obvious this was a joke - taken perhaps a little far, but any reasonable
person should have seen thru it.

thats my thoughts anyway. :) flame at will. :)
(hope Will doesnt mind.. hehehehehehehe).. :) catcha! :)

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