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Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:41:14 EDT

<<well, this isnt a professional forum! :>>

When you want to consider yourself a trader and begin to conduct business,
whether you offer merchandise for free or not, yes you should conduct your
self in a professional manner.

<<maybe, but i think if anyone was manipulated, it was sad gullible people.
did anyone REALLY think someone out there was going to supply the world
and their dog with free copies of U2 material?>>

Ummm ... yes I am ... to 20 people who have the pick of my audio list. I am
doing this, and I have done it before, no postage, no tape cost. Nada! And
if their dog likes U2 boots for something other than a chewie, well he may
have one too! Had you read the original post you would know that.

<<get real - posting tapes is expensive stuff, especially when you start
about a significant number of packages. *shakes head*>>

Yes, it is expensive. But, what Michael did was completely wrong. And
whether the people who have replied to my post are made of money or not, they
are getting one.


I may not be semi-intelligent, but I am a hell-of-a-nice person. And I hate
seeing people get buzzed by someone else's sick-twisted schemes.

<<well, granted, if the entire event was a hoax, i myself would have
ended the thing before the "address" stage..>>

The confirmation and address stage was given long before the "hoax"
announcement was given.

<<hehehahahahah! cmaaannn.. seriously - what are the chances of you emailing
axe murderer? really.. ? about 0.001% ? fair risk i say - thats the risk you
whenever you send your details over the internet.
this axe-murderer argument IMO is just plain silly. >>

Maybe, maybe not. But there are enough people out there who are just sick-o
enough to make it that much more uncomfortable. PO Box or not. I doubt your
percentage is accurate. Think like a stalker. Think like someone who may
want to get someone or something. Like I said, maybe or maybe not, but their
is enough of a chance that makes this entire situation make some people feel

<<if anyone was REALLY paranoid about sending their home address out, they
should have used a PO box. lots of people do it for precisely this reason. >>

Why should we have to be paranoid, on a list where everyone should be a fan,
and have a common bond? It is not uncommon on this list either to get someone
for next to nothing, or even sometimes absolutely nothing ... I have received
several items from MODSAVAGE and NICO ... for no other reason then they are
nice people who also will go out of their way to spread the goodness of U2 (I
like mine with Sparkyberry jam on marble rye).

<<and anyway - anyone who hammers out their email address to a "free tapes!"
advert needs their head analysed, if you ask me. i think it was a bit
obvious this was a joke - taken perhaps a little far, but any reasonable
person should have seen thru it. >>

Well, my therapist doesn't like the word crazy, but if you have a problem with
the "if it's free, it's for me" idea, then you are welcome to send me a check
for anything you want on my list -- BTW ... if I charge, prices are much
higher then Geraldo or RedVett30 (Chuck), just for you!

<<thats my thoughts anyway. :) flame at will. :)
(hope Will doesnt mind.. hehehehehehehe).. :) catcha! :)>>


In the name of Sparky,

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