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achtung y'owl!

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>sorry pal.. but I'm gonna piss on yer fire here..

:) piss away... :)

>>did anyone REALLY think someone out there was going to supply the world
>>and their dog with free copies of U2 material?
>yup.. where have ye been.. playing with yer toes? :) just got a free tape in
>the mail from someone I don't know, and eventhough I insisted to send
>something back, she didn't want it. There's nice people out there.. ye know.
>We don't all live in England (cheap blow under the belt.. sorry)

.. well ok.. but still - that is still by far the exception rather than the
rule - almost every time, the way tape exchanges are made by two parties agreeing
what to copy onto a fixed amount of tapes/cds, and posting at the same time.

anyone doing it for free , getting nothing in return (and i dont mean cash),
is spectaculary rare, so rare that its just statistically insignificant, imo.

while im sure there are people who dont live in england (hehe), i cant think
of many people at all who would go through the hassle of doing their side of
a trade while getting nothing for their efforts, other than "promoting U2".

seems a bit utopian, to me. :)

>But seriously, in general, I sense people are getting a bit fed up with
>people making big bucks by selling expensive bootlegs or even videos.

naaaa... i dont accept this argument at ALL, and i'll tell you why.
at the end of the day, anyone, no matter what they sell/supply, can
ONLY sell at a price at which people are prepared to pay. simple economics.

(thats the only patronising bit, so welcome back, if you skipped that bit

"But theres no other way to get these bootlegs!", so may cry.
rubbish. i dont believe for one second that there is only 1 person
out of a typical audience of 20-30,000 people who has a DAT recorder, or
a high quality portable recording system with them, taping the show.

Virtually any show or any material U2 have ever publically produced (and sometimes
not so public! hehe) is available via trades here on wire, its one of the
reasons, i think, it exists.

therefore i have little time for people saying "but i want it on CD!"..
well - in that case then - be prepared for, and accept the penalty/price
of the CD set, and quit whingeing.

ive got some boots on CD (zootopia, Live at Leeds, U2:Wanted) which are
A1 pro quality, imo, that i dont mind the price.

ok rant over. :)

>I sense more and more people go back to trading, or even sending stuff for
>free. It's much more fun.. saves ye bucks on CDs, and with the tapes you
>got, you can trade some more and thus expand your collection, ultimately
>you're promoting U2!

yes, i think now that the CDR has become affordable, and a more viable
means of HQ distribution, there are more and more trades now.
especially as you can stuff more onto a CD if you use compression.

so trades are looking increasingly better value.

>This might be Eldorado is some people's eyes, I know, but those have dollar
>signs there instead.

yeh, i think it is "slightly" eldorado (hehe). If people truly do not like
the "money grabbing boot companies", then dont use them. But eveidently,
a lot of people must do, otherwise they could not continue to operate.

Remember, that us on wire must only account for 0.1% of U2s fanbase,
so i would expect, for a majority of the 99.9% that a bootleg CD would
be their main, if not only source of extra material, that they would
not otherwise have.

granted, there is material out there which is blatant piracy
"B Side" compilations, Melon, etc, and some that have definiately sub-standard
recordings which i would not have committed to CD! But with a little care,
and listening before you buy them, you should always come out with a
winner whenever you decide to buy a CD.

and if the material live/otherwise is A1, then you have a digital copy
of that which will never degrade, pressed onto a silver CD (not as fragile
as CDR), usually well packaged, indexed, labelled and will last you a
life time if you look afte the thing.

>If this little advert will make people realise that
>exchanging material is far more fulfilling than buying a bootleg for $40, I
>reach my purpose. Thank you.

oh yeh, i agree - trading is fun. when i have traded, i have always enjoyed
the experience, and i know reno has accumulated his sizable collection
using trading almost exclusively.

but sometimes, just occasionally, theres a CD with stuff on thats too good
to miss, or youre after the material, and the bootleg CD is a quick win..

long live the boot companies, thats what i say, otherwise i would
not have access to a wide range of material that i now own.

>Anyone wanna trade? email me :)

yeh, with reference to this email, will ya copy all of your tapes and
send em to me, courierd by 0900h next morning? :) oh,
of course, i would prefer them to be on TDK SA90s, wherever possible. :)

fankyoooo! :) heheheheh! :)

>>this axe-murderer argument IMO is just plain silly.
>yeah, must have been a typo.. she meant Owl-murderer ;)

grrr... :) you'll be first against the wall come imminent owl

just lately ive seen a few owls on tv, with the recent "vets on tv"
and "animal hospital" stuff.. we're getting increasing levels of exposure
matey... its a sign... im getting my feathery suit ready. :)

>How's the bowl of smelly pasta doing? LOL :)

oooo.. festering nicely, thanks for asking. :)
still cant believe that you actually thought a bowl of rapidly
degrading pasta soup smelled NICE for a couple of days before
taking a downward dive into the outright disgusting. :) hehehe..

oh, by the way ladies and gents who are reading this -
instead of taking the offending bowl of abandoned soup (i was away)
into the kitchen and disposing of it, they just moved it to the
window of my room, and wondered why the rest of the house stank. :)

heheheh (long story guys.. long story... :) hehe)

>(for those who've no idea what I'm talking about.. don't ask :)

ahum.. :) hehehehehe

catcha laters reno.. :)

.. oh and wire.. :)

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