RE: Who Will Be The Next U2???

Anderson, Chris ([email protected])
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 12:32:16 -0400


Refering to the text below this response,

Todd (&WIRE), I think the Verve or Radiohead are two
relatively obvious answers for the "next U2" question.
I'd leave The Prodigy out though. They're too messed-up
in the head to have the charismatic appeal that U2 HAS
held on to this very day. U2 is and was not the type to
get all rapped up in themselves to the point of acting stupid
I personally see the Prodigy
as a band which would go kind of crazy if they ever became
megastars (they MIGHT not handle it well).

the support needed to step into huge stadiums, with the
expectation of having a huge crowd, requires a group of
people who are sincere abut what they do, love the fans,
and are respectable in general. If the band is constantly
obsessed with money, fame, sex, drugs, what-have-you....
then, they'll fail. The only reason the Stones of Aerosmith
are still kind of big is because they were the first to
encourage a newer level of outrageousness.. the old
fans won't forget them......IMHO

The Verve seems kind of a good candidate but I don't think
they could ever throw out the type of anthems U2 made - hence
the "Bono" factor. Same with Radiohead in general - no "Bono"

Thinking while writing this, I believe the popularity of a band, and
the ability to fill stadiums, will come from a band with someone
a whole hellofa lot like BONO. Yes, BONO is the man.....BUT
this band would need great/cool musicians like The Edge, Adam,
and Larry.......thinking some more.....ummmm,

LET"S GIVE U2 another decade to STAY ON TOP!!!

Really, I don't believe I got much of anywhere with this discussion. I just
have to
see what U2's next album does. It's gotta create a new stir.
A new stir that will wipe out the Korn's, the Spice Girls, the Hansons, the
Manson (the anit-Hanson), and those country and rap people who have made
the music industry a living hell for rock musicians. (NOTICE!! - I
did not say ALL rap artists and all country artists!). More young people
who are
into writing music (like
myself -21-24 or younger) need to start getting back to the roots of
rock'n roll, putting emotion into the music/lyrics/meaning, putting feeling
into the music, thinking
about other races AND really sympathizing (not just to write a song)
......write songs which touch the heart and soul. But,
yet, are loud, energetic, and appeal to MANY. People need
to get the notion in their heads that they need to change the world
with their music....that's what Bono strives for....I for one think
that it's working.

Radiohead, The Verve, etc. needs U2 to step to the plate and open
up the field again. I think REM's new release might's gonna
be cool from what I've heard.

...Of course, there might be someone un-heard-of - maybe here on WIRE-
who knows? - who can take up the torch which U2 still so valiantly holds on


Chris A.

ps. It's been a while, glad to post something to WIRE again!!!!

>>Look into the next decade...who will tour the world's stadiums, ride
around in mirrorball lemons (figuratively speaking), and sing to the
millions the way U2 has done throughout the 80's and 90's (and hopefully
longer!)? Is it someone yet unheard of?
        We've had pretenders to the thrown in the 90's...Oasis, Smashing
Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Spice Girls (haha), etc...but none of
these groups have held the imagination of the world like U2 has...why
not? Is this the end of the stadium rock era? Was U2 blessed with
perfect timing or can their success be attributed to the "Bono"-factor?
        Curious to read what you may think!<<

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