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This whole discussion, especially the parts about the people of NI and
the people of the Republic of Ireland, reminds me of a song written by
three of Ireland's most respected songwriters...

I want to reach out over the loch
And feel your hand across the water
Walk with you along an unapproved road
Not looking over my shoulder

I want to see, and I want to hear
To understand your fears
But we're north and south of the river

I've been doing it wrong all of my life
This holy town has turned me over
A young man running when he didn't understand
The wind from the loch just get colder

Can we stop playing this old tune?
Darling I don't have the answer
I want to meet you where you are
I don't need you to surrender

'Cause there's no feeling that's so alone
As when the one you're hurting is your own
North and south of the river

"For 50 years I've lived on an island with neighbours, but I don't know
them and never get to meet them and we know so little about each other
and each other's culture. This song is an attempt to reach out to them.
It could be north and south of Dublin. It could be the two sides of the
Mersey. It could be north and south of the Thames. It could be whatever
you want it to be. I showed Bono the original lyric, he took it and tore
it asunder and The Edge wrote a melody to it."
-Christy Moore (on North and South of the River)

(thanks to Jess for the quote)


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