U2 Quicktime Videos

[email protected]
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 11:30:24 EDT

 Allo, everyone! I've just recently stumbled into the world of filling up
harddrive space with U2 videos now...it's space well used though, huh? ;)
  If you think ya have anything good could ya send me some links or your URL,
   Also, one in particular that I'm going nuts trying to find is anything from
the Staring at the Sun ( Miami Version) and ANYTHING from Mysterious Ways. (
especially shots of Bono sprawled on that checkerboard floor.. woo hoo, lol!
<beg, beg>

Anything anyone can send would be greatly appreciated!! =))
Peace, Love and U2-4-Ever
Felicia >^..^<

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