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Fri, 21 Aug 1998 11:43:43 EDT

Allo, everyone again! ( I promise I will shut up for tonight, i swear.)
   About a year ago I was looking through an old Live! magazine and saw a
little article on the Sinatra Celebrity Cookbook and it told that our Bono had
submitted a recipe! ( I don't know about you guys, and yes, i've seen the
pictures... but I just don't see King B in the kitchen. lol)
   Since then I've been looking EVERYWHERE for it and have had no luck! =(( If
any of you have seen it or HAVE it, please at least tell me what KIND of
recipe he submitted! It's killing me! ( the sweeter of you who HAVE it would
kindly maybe email me a copy of it, or tell me where to get it, huh? ;))
   For those of you who've never heard about it, here's the website with the
ordering form and it tells ya a little more about the book and who's in it. =)

*For Sinatra still Swingin' up there <3
>^..^< *meow*

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