Re: Re: Clinton orders military strike on Irish rock group U2

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Fri, 21 Aug 1998 21:07:00 EDT

Megan wrote:
"Besides, do you really think the person who wrote this thought the
situation itself was funny, he was simply showing me how absurd it all know, Guernica thing?"

Guernica! Oh my gosh! I can't believe that stuck in someone else's head
too!! Not just for this post but many that have come across WIRE in the last
month or so.

Megan gets tops for adding a little Flannagan.

I'm sorry this is all I have to say about the little "news release." It would
be totally insane for Clinton to do anything that requires either brain power
or "salty-balls," but you all know he would (BTW -- did anyone see South Park?
OH MY!!) Writing skills get a C-. It does not take much to take an AP report,
and fill in with U2 where Afaganistan and Sudan belong, and then paraphrase a
bit. D- for taste, or total lack thereof.

As for the real attack, I find myself on a divide. Is an eye for an eye
right? It's a point that has come up many times lately. 200 people were
killed in the US Embassy bombings. They were innocent victims. The 3 little
boys who were killed and the people in Omagh who were killed and injured were
also innocent. I can go on and on ... World Trade Towers, Oklahoma City,
Enniskillen, Los Angles riots, and all the other pointless garbage that has
taken place in the last 10 years, in the last 20 years, and so on. Just
because someone does not agree with someone else's values, religion, race.
And then when it comes time to sentence the people who cause all this terror
and heartache, do we just institutionalize them and study their brains? Or do
we send them to their maker? Hell half of these people are still at large in
SOCIETY!!! I don't know if what the US did last night is right, or not. I
come from a military family who supports the men and women in service who had
to do their jobs last night. And I respect the decision of the executive,
although I may not agree entirely. There may have been innocent people in
those buildings, and more than likely there were. There may have been
potentially dangerous individuals in them as well. People who are desperate
enough for their cause who can easily come to anyone's country and wreak
havoc. So where do we stand? I stand alone here in the US, in my little
redneck hell town where most whites are open about their hatred for anyone
else. Where people are actually driven off the road into a tree, cause they
"look freaky," and left for dead. MY GOD! It makes me wonder if we could see
even half of the people here on this list, would some people still be here?
The intolerance here is so strong. Most people are quick to condemn just
because of a statement, and I admit I am sometimes guilty of that.

So I'm sitting here in my t-i-n-y house, thinking an eye for an eye may just
solve the problem. How you ask? We'd all be dead, then it wouldn't matter!

Nico, would you please play an Eye for an Eye Makes the World Blind for me?
You remember, Tampa Zoo TV.

Only Sparky matters,

"It's 'Guernica!' ... The response has to contain the energy of the thing it's
describing. To capture the madness of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso imbued
his work with that madness and the surreal." Bono

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