Re: Generous fans

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Fri, 21 Aug 1998 21:26:00 EDT

Elena wrote:
"BUHT. I will say, since it came up, that shannon is a generous
fellow freak, and I appreciate it. without you, child, no
Bono this fall (keeping fingers crossed). And nico. ah nico.
Thanks for the videos and the audio's and the posters and the
love. It's people like these two who understand a big part
of what u2 is about."

And just think earlier this week I was told I was not a U2 fan, because I
confronted an issue about giving tapes away, and misleading fans!

Oh Elena! Thank you so much! And a big crossed fingers here! Both hands and
toes too! I am so glad y'all are coming down! I'm not coming down! LOL -- I
live here! Doh!

So many people on this list have been so good about giving, even trades, and
low $ exchanges, that it really is incredible. We can't expect something for
nothing, but there is no reason why if someone has what you want, why
shouldn't they copy it for you ... well other than copyright laws. Wasn't
that one of the things we learned in kiddy-garden? (Sharing ... not
copyrights, that came about 3rd grade?)

In the name of Sparky,

"The sun shines East, the sun shines West ... but I know where the sun shines
best ... MIAMI!!!"

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