Re:Bono's Gay?

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Sun, 23 Aug 1998 02:29:59 EDT

(on a sidenote to Michael)
now Michael I have been giving U hell lately for your last now forgotten
incident and Im responding to this post not because its U who posted it but
because of the content it holds....

<<Is Bono gay or something. I saw that picture of hime and
Liam Gallagher kissing. What's the deal with that. Are they
just good buds or something. I mean I know he's married but
that's gross. I wouldn't kiss my closest friend of the same
sex, much less give him toungue. Can somebody tell me why
Bono did that? Well if he's married I guess he would be
called bisexual huh? Maybe Bono and Liam could get on Jerry
Springer and tell there wives.

I believe we just went through this topic of U2 and homosexuality so I wont
say much on this because we all have our own beliefs on this subject...some
are opposed to it and some are all for it and some of us are in the neutral
catagory...I for one am all for it..but thats just me...

now why would Bono be labeled "gay" just because he and Liam were
kissing??....I have another picture of Bono kissing..I think its Brian
Eno..though the caption doesnt say but it might be a political figure....and I
see that yes some might get the impression that Bono could be "bi" from this
but why? that is my question....why do we have to assume just because someone
kisses another person of the same sex that they are "bi" or "gay" ??? in some
cultures its considered a custom. Why do we make this assumption??

I have seen with my own eyes Bono kiss Edge on are U saying that
Edge and Bono have a thing going and are "bi" too??? Are Bono, Edge, and Liam
gonna do a threesome?? Come on...they are good friends and IF ...I said IF
here...IF they were to have something else going surely is none of our
business ...right? and Im sure that they would get hell for it from various religous groups. Especially with their religous background in
their fair city of Dublin, Ireland.

To me saying that U would never kiss your best friend or anyone close to U is
someone who is simply being closeminded and narrow and POSSIBLY homophobic.
All the power to ya if thats what U I said we all have our own
beliefs on this topic but IF, I said IF again, but IF Bono were "bi" all I
gotta say is GO BOY! I would love him more for it only because he sees and
understands the true meaning of love...and that in itself is priceless...not
that he isnt seeing it already but it would just give me more proof to support
my theory on sexuality.

till death do us part....

Bono did U see that? "yeah" theres a pasture ahead...calling all
cows...calling all cows...

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