re: Honesty, Radiohead, Bill Clinton/HEARTLAND-GOD PART 2-UNIBONO

ajebec ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 16:37:45 +1000

Michael, please stop. Every post you make to WIRE shows more and more
how ignorant, self obsessed and narrow minded you are. Please learn
some spelling, some grammar and SOME FACTS. You really are beginning to
make yourself look incredibly foolish. Sorry.

>I didn't have to be honest I could have just not said
>anything about the prank and everyone could still be going
>out to there mailbox everyday looking for there free tape.
>I'm sure people have done this before and they just didn't
>confess. All you people who sent me your address don't
>worry I deleted the mail as soon as I got it. I got a
>conscous and it got to me when I saw those addresses and I
>couldn't help but admit it was a prank. How you people felt
>if you were sitting around the house saying I'll be glad
>when my tape gets in. And all you people bitching about it
>and calling me a piece of shit can go to hell cause I
>didn't have to say anything. And all the people thanking me
>for my honesty, I appreciate it. ( I don't recall your
>names but you know who you are)
> Since when is this a radiohead mailing list. If it's not
>you could have fooled me cause I've seen there name
>mentioned on here as much as U2 lately. Shut up about them
>there no where as good as U2 and never will be. U2
>shouldn't be compared to anybody, because they stand alone
>and always will.
> All this military and Bill Clinton crap is a stupid joke
>and you people shouldn't get mad about it. Just blow it
>off. At first I was kind of mad and thought WHO CARES! Bill
>Clinton is too busy screwing white house interns and then
>bombing countries and starting wars so people will forget
>about it. Besides no one will even think of impeaching him
>or talking about his affairs if there's a possibilty we'll
>go to war. He's so busy with crap like that he don't have
>time for some kick ass rock band like U2, he's probaly
>never read that thing that was posted about him and the
>military earlier. Probaly doesn't even know about it.
>The song "heartland" always makes me think of my school
>(crossett high school) because it really is a heartland.
>NOT! I really do like the song though. Does anyone know if
>it was released as a single or has a video for it or not.
>By the way does everyone agree with what I said last night
>(honesty, radiohead, bill clinton)? If your going to
>compare U2 with anybody at least compare them to someone
>who has class like "oasis" and not some crap like
>radiohead. And in case yall still haven't figured it out.
>THERE ARE NO FREE TAPES!! And that bill clinton crap is
>stupid. By the way in the city "washington d.c." Do yall
>know what the d.c. stands for? It stands for "doin clinton"
>Maybe the UniBono should bomb clinton. O yeah what is the
>deal with the song "god part 2" I don't remember a part 1.
>What album was it on? Anyway I'll be glad when part 3 comes
>out or maybe they'll just go to part 4.

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