Re: Gay People Suck

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 18:33:40 -0700

Michael Duane Ford wrote:
> A lot of you are angry at me because of my last couple of
> posts. But the only reason yall are getting mad is because
> I have a point and yall know it. And telling me I need to
> learn spelling and grammar is stupid. I may make a typing
> error or just not know how to spell it. But damn this is
> not something I'm turning in at school it's something on a
> U2 mailing list. I think you all know what I mean and the
> point I'm trying to get across. Your just saying that
> spelling and grammar stuff to me and posting it on wire to
> make you look cool and change the subject of the point I
> was trying to get across. So don't overlook what I'm saying
> with some typing error. It's like me saying "I'm gonna keal
> you" and you saying he didn't spell kill right, but
> forgeting the fact that your gonna be dead. One more thing
> "Gay People Suck"!!
> Michael Duane Ford

Tisk, Tisk Michael. You really know how to make friends and
influence people. I know that there are a good number of people
on this list are gay, bi, lesbian or have friends or family
members they love that are gay, bi or lesbian. U2 have had a lot
of friends and co-workers for years that are gay, bi, or lesbian.
U2 don't hate people that are not part of the majority or mainstream,
whither sexual or otherwise. Your really in need of straightening;]
your head out somehow. These posts will not get you many kind
answers. Some people are not as controlled and easy-going as
I am.

Good Luck,

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