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Pirate Bob ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 21:44:44 -0400

To clarify further on my earlier posts...

1. The Republic is not in the UK. Okay, so I made a mistake, like that's
never happened before. *shrug* I will correct my error, fine both bands
are from the same general area of the globe..better?

2. Pink Floyd, had Roger Waters stayed with the band I would agree that
the band continued to grow. However, once Waters left the band
plateaued. Don't believe me? Take a look at the song they released off
Pulse, the guitar is exactly the same as "Run Like Hell". Plateau-ing is
not a bad thing per-se. It merely means the band isn't doing anything
new. A artist can be around forever and not do anything new, look at Tom
Jones, that guy will be around long after mankind has died out and giant
mutant lemurs rule the world.

3. Michael Duane Ford is obviously a child who feels the need to subject
the world to his outbursts. In his short postings on Wire we have had a
call to start a war with another mailing list, a free tape hoax, and now
another anti-gay flame war. Simply ignore him. He can only post three
times a day, simply scroll past him and in time he will get bored and
either wise up or move on.

4. When people say the next U2 they aren't dissing U2. No one wants to
replace U2. What I mean when I say, "the next U2" is the next band in
the U2/Beatles mold. A band that can get big and keep that success.
Beatles, U2, Stones a band like that. Look back at the 80's and the
number of really good or great bands that are for all intents and
purposes forgotten. Duran Duran, while not gone are not nearly the same
as they were. They were the best when I was growing up and now they are
making "fashion music". Tears for Fears, when's the last time they put
out an album? 1992? Men At Work, The Go-Go's, Stray Cats, Devo, A-ha,
Adam Ant, Simple Minds, Madness, Bananarama, Pat Benatar, the list goes
on and on. Now don't flame me saying I dissed those bands. What I'm
saying is that there a lot of great bands who AT THE TIME people thought
were great and would be the big thing, but they didn't have staying
power and they drifted from the public eye. So while you may like
Radiohead or The Verve or Savage Garden or Oasis or any other band what
you have to ask yourself is not, "will I like this album in 10 years?"
but "will I like the album they put out on 10 years?" That will define
what band will be the next U2 type band, a band that can last and
continue to put out high quality music. You may really like Spice Girls
or Backstreet Boys or N-Sync now, but the truth is all those bands are
is an updated New Kids on the Block, which was just an updated Menudo,
which was just an updated Monkees.

Pirate Bob

"I smoked myself into a haze in the afternoon"
                                            - Ash, A Life Less Ordinary

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