Re: Gay People Suck

U2girl ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:12:57 +1000

I am infuriated by your post, poor sad and deluded Michael... so you are
homophobic huh? well for starters this *is* a U2 mailing list...
all you have managed to do is piss people off with your pathetic post that
holds no substance, if you judge a person because of their sexual
orientation you have a lot to learn about life. You have shown how ignorant
a person you really are, to say "gay people suck"... how old are you? do you
actually *know* any gay people? or is this just a broad generalisation you
have taken upon yourself and thought that the people in wireland needed to
hear your narrow minded views?

*still shaking head in disgust*

"Are these words distraction... to the words you want to hear...
                        Two hearts.... beat as one..."

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