Hullo all, 2 things on U2

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Mon, 24 Aug 1998 12:37:04 EDT

Hullo all!
I just got back from vacation, and i dunno if you people already know this but
Bono is in the new People magazine in shorts!!! he is wearing shorts! I've
never seen him wearing shorts!!! he looks really sexy(like always) hehe
The other thing is i just got another doggie and he loves U2.He loves
One,Mysterious Way,Pop Muzik and a bunch of other songs. He sits there and
howls to the song.It is so cute! Whenever Bono sings he starts to howl
along..its really funny!
Oh i was wondering did Bono and Ali's celebrate their anniversery recently?
If so when was it and how long have they been together?
~The Sun will have to show them Everlasting Love~

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