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kimiko percival ([email protected])
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 12:49:14 PDT

Bono isn't gay, he's been married for along time to a Ali, a woman and
just because he kissed the guy from Oasis it don't mean anything.
And anywho if he was gay we shouldn't think any less of him he's always
going to be Bono.

You know maybe this guy said that to get attention? Maybe? Because
anyone who says something that extreme on this list should know the
result (many un-nice emails telling him what a bastard he is) so I think
either he's just laking in attention or he really is a psycho.

For you people who haven't taken the U2 quiz on my page I'm just letting
you know Aug. 31 is the last day than I am putting Quiz 5 up. Good luck


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