The Australian U2

Geoff Carstairs ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 20:34:46 +1000

WOW I know this is a bit late so I am sorry...
BUT!!... on the 15th of August I saw the best U2 Cover show of all time! WOW

I was the shortish guy who went right up the front and during WTSHNN I got
to sing a tiny bit..."still building then burrrrrrrning down love!" (you
know how it goes...)

There was a guy who sang the same bit with me and he was wearing a blue
shirt and kept handing drinks to "Bono"
(If you are reading this drop me a line here!)

So anyway I better get off, but before I go I just want to also mention how
good "Everlasting Love" was. What a great song. Pity they couldnt finish the
setlist (All I want is You) was last but they were told to get off, they had
already passed their 1am curfew :(
I liked how "bono" gave us a quick karaoke version though :P

Anyway I was already going wasnt I ? But hey just one more question; If
anyone reading this knows when they will be there again can they please post
the details? (I rang Dan O'Connells and they told me the band will be back
sometime in the next few weeks, they couldnt give me a date though)

Cheers, Geoff


"It's not secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest...."

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