R.E.M./U2 as legends???

Sharon Winsatt ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 05:17:12 PDT

Hello everybody,
Please forgive my misspellings...people on my other lists know that I
suffer from a syndrome that affects my brain functions...so my posts are
usually full of mispellings...and typo's...I never mentioned it here for
some reason but on the other lists I'm on the people are quite
supportive and don't mention my booboo's....it's called fibromyalgia
..you can look it up because I don't want to bore you with it here...so
now you know...and I'll have a lot more typo's and mistakes in the
future...I try to be careful about it but sometimes I just don't catch
them all..I know..yawn....

I have been a fan of R.E.M.'s for a long time...they formed as a band in
1980...released the single Radio Free Europe on the small independant
'Hib Tone ' label...they also recorderd their .ep Chronic Town on this
label in 1981 .RCA expressed an interest in the band but that never came
through. In May 1982 R.E.M. signed with IRS.and R.E.M. released CHronic
Town under the IRS label....and they stayed IRS with them until 1987
when they (They were not dropped. IRS wanted them to stay) moved to
Warner Brothers....I'm not saying your friend is lying but when were
they with Mecury???And if they were please find out the details because
you know something a lot of R.E.M. fans don't know.... I can find
nothing about Mecury records in any of their bio's or any of the
articles written about them. It must have been very hush hush....I
don't know why I'm such a stickler for accuracy...It's a major failing
of mine..but if it is true I want to know more...I'm not being sarcastic
here...I'm very honest in wanting to know. I'd love to spring this one
on my fellow fans...

U2 content...has anyone heard the rumour that they are going to do a
"behind the music' or 'legends' program about U2 on VH-1? I know we
think of them as legends..but "Behind the Music seems more probable.
Most of those stories have to do with things the artists had to overcome
or conflicts they had to deal with...I can imagine U2' spiritual crisis
in the early 80's would make an interesting change from the usual rock
star problems and Bono and Larry's strugglel to come to term's with
their mothers' deaths...and Adam feeling left out at times.....can
anyone at all confirm or deny this rumour????

                   Sharon W.

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