Re: R.E.M./U2 as legends???

Elena Espinoza ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:41:42 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Sharon Winsatt wrote:

> Please forgive my misspellings...people on my other lists know that I
> suffer from a syndrome that affects my brain my posts are
> usually full of mispellings...and typo's...I never mentioned it here for
> some reason but on the other lists I'm on the people are quite
> supportive and don't mention my booboo''s called fibromyalgia
> can look it up because I don't want to bore you with it
> now you know...and I'll have a lot more typo's and mistakes in the
> future...I try to be careful about it but sometimes I just don't catch
> them all..I know..yawn....

sharon and WIRE,

no, no, no. i did not mean that correction of nico's name as
a flame or as a judgment. i just thought it was humorous that
you were "correcting" nico but didn't get her name spelled
right....of course, now i understand, and i apologize if i
have caused any distress.

> Warner Brothers....I'm not saying your friend is lying but when were

i guess you're talking to me? no, the polygram person i know
doesn't lie. :)

> they with Mecury???And if they were please find out the details because
> you know something a lot of R.E.M. fans don't know.... I can find
> nothing about Mecury records in any of their bio's or any of the
> articles written about them. It must have been very hush hush....I
> don't know why I'm such a stickler for accuracy...It's a major failing
> of mine..but if it is true I want to know more...I'm not being sarcastic
> here...I'm very honest in wanting to know. I'd love to spring this one
> on my fellow fans...

i'll check with said polygram person again.

i didn't mean to be on the attack. i'm sorry if my post was
taken negatively. sharon, i hope the polygram person is wrong
about r.e.m.; that way my commentary on your post, which
was a correction of nico's post, is wrong, and we're even.

i go back to lurk mode, which could happen
to you. remember when we could sleep on stones?

whispering and moaning (but in a good way ;),
Music can change the world because
it can change people.
                       Bono (1983)


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