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Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:13:08 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 18 Jul, "smoreau" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Someone had wrote that they heard front row tickets for POPMart were going
> for $500.00 and wanted to know if this was true. I personally paid $200.00
> per ticket for 6th row floor seats next to the B-stage for the Houston, TX
> show. I got these tickets from a ticket broker who found them up north
> somewhere.
> Needless to say, I was more than a little chapped when I read a post from
> some guy after this concert. The lucky dog who posted said he did not have
> tickets for the Houston show, and decided to go to the stadium before
> showtime to see if he could buy some tickets on site. He ended up buying
> two tickets from the box office, paying face value, for 4th row floor seats
> in the B-stage section. Two rows ahead of me and my $200.00 tickets!!

No one should _ever_ have to go to the scalpers for U2 tickets--certainly
not when the band are playing stadiums! There will almost always be
day-of-show releases and/or "production seats" available, and fans who
don't wait for the last minute can also get seats through Propaganda.

My own example: I went to the shows in Vancouver and Seattle, and didn't
have a ticket for the Vancouver show. Went over to the stadium and scoped
out the scalpers' offers--they were asking up to $200 for "A" section
floor seats, and even had the gall ask for $100 for seats in the risers!
So I went to the box office, where they sold me a "B" section floor seat
which, despite being in the second section of floor seats, was only the
aisle + 1 row away from the end of the b-stage! Price? Face value--I
don't even recall there being a service charge. To top it off, I got the
ticket stamped for the b-stage (since it was a floor seat) and watched the
show from the barricade...

> I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. My seats were absolutely
> awesome and I had a magnificent time which I will remember until the day I
> die. I would pay the same amount again if I had to for seats like that. It
> was worth every penny. BTW, I saw the show in Dallas, paid $52.50 for my
> ticket, sat up in the clouds somewhere, and this show came no where near
> comparing with my Houston POP experience.

Hey, closer is better--I just have a philosophical problem with brokers
and scalpers and all that. In all my years as a U2 fan, I can only recall
bying *1* ticket from a scalper, and that was to get into Madison Square
Garden in 1987! My friends and I got _very_ good seats at the previous
night's show from the MSG box office, by the way. So I'm no saint, but I
do think fans should only go to the scalpers as a last resort.


Elizabeth Platt
[email protected]

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