The legacy of U2

Simon Denvir ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 03:01:34 +0100

Hi wirelings,
 I don`t post to mailing lists often so I think that I have some thing
special to say.

U2 is a very unique band.
It isn't approriate to liken U2 to bands such as REM, The Rolling
Stones, Radiohead, The Beatles or anything in between. This is because
U2`s songs deals with real issues, that I, for one haven`t ever seen any
other band cover.

I live in Northen Ireland (just like many others on this list) and I
have heard and experinced so much violence, hatred and intolernce due to
one religious/political belief or another.

I think that many bands tend to capitalise on current affairs in
politics just to raise their own profiles. This is not the case with U2.
Northern Irish politics is truly close to U2`s hearts - eg (Sunday
Bloody Sunday or in more recent times, Please from the Pop album.)

So I think that what I`m trying to say is that U2 can be replaced by no
one - there will be no subsitute for U2. - There will never be a band
that even comes close. We sould realise that we are living in the time
of true legends.

Simon Denvir [email protected] (Remove antispam DOT to reply)

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