God part 3 / FS "From US to U" vinyl / "Bullet The Blue Sky" on Human's CD

Timothy Travis ([email protected])
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:29:33 -0400

Hi Wireland -

I finally have caught up on my Wire reading (about 15 digests in 4 days...)
so I am ready to post:

(1) Someone asked about the song God part II, and (jokingly) referred to a
God part 3 and God part 4. Well, there is a God part III and it can be
found on Larry Norman's "Stranded In Babylon" album, released in 1994. Same
beat, and musically very similar (was the basic music for God part II taken
from John Lennon's song? God part III doesn't credit the music, just
lyrics.) A sample of the lyrics are: "I don't believe in politics while
the masses stay unfed til the leaders change priorities and supply the poor
with bread / don't believe in revolution or the empty words of peace / you
can tear all of the governments down -- you still won't find release / but I
oh I believe in God" If there is enough interest, maybe I will make a
RealAudio file out of it, and upload it.

(2) I was digging through my stash of vinyl, and came across a boot I
bought back about 1983 or 84. I've played like twice (to record it to
tape -- that's what I did with all my vinyl) and remember it being pretty
good. Track list: (side 1) Twilight, Two Hearts, (Sunday) Bloody Sunday,
An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, (side 2) I Threw A Brick, October, Gloria, 11
O'Clock, I Will Follow. Recorded at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 1983.
Nothing as far as cover art, and I don't know who produced it, but would be
willing to sell, if someone is interested. (I would tape it, or whatever,
but my turntable is stored somewhere, if it still works......) Wouldn't
mind getting a CD-R of this made, too.

(3) For those trying to collect (or keep track of) everyone who covers
U2 -- the band Human put out a CD with "Bullet" on it. Not sure what label
they are on, though. I saw them in concert here in Columbus, OH, Friday,
and they played it. Not too bad -- the guitarist did a passable Edge, and
the drummer was good. The singer was OK, but definitely not Bono, plus he
missed several of the words / phrases. What was really (funny? strange?
irritating?) was that he introduced it by saying something about "I hope you
don't waste your time like a bullet fired into the blue sky." (Don't quote
me on that, but that was the gist of it.) It made me feel "a long way from
the streets of San Salvador." <G>

Well, enough rambling, it's off to sleep with me (though, I don't know if I
can sleep, now that I have "Bullet" running through my head. Maybe when I
segue into "Running To Stand Still" it will quiet me down.)

Love, Peace, U2, and Mickey!
or something to that effect......

Timothy Travis
[email protected]

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