Re: U2 fans segregated????

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 14:45 +0200 (MET)

                Hi Slicer and you all !

        About Exit list, IMHO, it exists especially because some fans hadn't
time enough to read Wire every day and/or were annoyed by messages about
funny stories and/or flame wars and/or bootslists from resellers...So, they
started another list they wanted to keep small.
        Moreover, as fans come from every part of the world, some subjects
which are felt as relevant by some fans can be felt totally irrelevant by
some others. Moreover, it also exists "national" lists in european countries
for instance, for all fans who can't easily read messages in english and/or
want especially "home-news". As a french fan, i have french friends who
don't want to read all messages on Wire because most of them don't interest
these fans. So, don't be annoy/afraid/upset by the existence of these lists.

        In the name of love


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