The Next U2 is here, alive and kicking

szarf ([email protected])
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 08:50:25 -0400

Hello Wire People:

    First i would like to say that we should start discussions like this
one more often, since i am a suscriber this is the only really
interesting discussion that has appeard here. Well in my opinion is that
the next U2 is OASIS. Fisrt of all, their music is great. Some people
have said that they have not evolved musically, thet they have used the
same formula for their three records, but i do think that there is a
difference between Defently Maybe and Be Here Now, and i should now make
a question now, how much did U2 evolve form Boy to WAR ?, i think not
much; of course their is difference in the sound but its not big, i
would say that the size of the difference in sound is the same from BOY
released al lot of critics said: "This boring another rocknroll album
from OASIS"....and BONO defended the saying : "hey its only theird
album". I think that U2 is aware of the fact that OASIS is the next U2
and maybe they already pass them the torch hand to hand. But this are
other reasons for me to beleive that OASIS is the next one: They work,
as U2, always with the same producers, in their case Owen Morris for
their frist 3 albums, in the case of U2 it was Steve Lylliwhite, but
then for their 4th studio album came Eno and Lanois with the mission of
changing radically how U2 made music..the Lylliwhite came back and Also
Eno and Lanois...then Floos came into the picture and he has stick with
U2 since.....In the case of Oasis they HAVE TO make a significant change
in their sound, as U2 did with The Unforgettebal Fire, if they pretend
to be the next big thing, and for making this happen its very likely
that they will hire a different producer for their next album not
meaning that they will stop working with Brian Cannon. And dont forget
that Liam is becoming a better musician every, so dont be surprised if
in the next album we see some songs written by him, and this will add
a lot to the music of OASIS. Other important thisng is that OASIS as
U2 does, are not affraid of showing their influences, in fact both of
them beleive in the TRADITION of rocknroll, they see ROCK as something
important for human kind. on teh surface it looks like OASIS only cares
for partying but it is not like this, look at lyrics like "ALL AROUND
THE WORLD", "SOME MIGHT SAY" or "CAST NO SHADOW", here we have examples
of how they can get philosophical and caring too. Other important point
is the FRONT MAN wich i think is vital for band that wants to be on the
TOP, in U2's case they have Bono (what more can you ask for?) and in
OASIS they have Liam, wich i think has a lot of Karisma. Groups like
Radiohead or Smashing Pumpkins dont have the front man that will make
all the girls fall in love. But the most important reason is that OASIS
are determined to become the best band, they want it as badly as U2
wanted it. And guys dont you think that U2 has shown us themselves that
they beleive in OASIS.

from Caracas, Venezuela

Moises Szarf

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