Free U2 Newspaper!!!!!

[email protected]
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:08:46 EDT

The have a U2 newspaper available and if you want one, you can get one. they
are free, only cost is postage

Zooropean subscribers will receive one automatically, this is a free update
and will NOT count as an issue. The new issue of Zooropean, double issue 4/5
will be released in Sept.

If you are not a Zooropean subscriber and would like one, send $1 in US to
cover postage or all other countries send 2 IRCs to the following address:

PO Box 750994
Dayton, OH 45475-0994

or visit the site for other office addresses to send to get

The 16 page newspaper has the latest news, features, and details about the
upcoming 20th Anniversary of U2. It also has a GREAT centerfold poster!!! Be
sure to get one for yourself! :)

Peace, Love, and Lemons

Chuck Anderson
Zooropean U2 magazine

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