Bootlegs......Now what?

Adrian Aaron ([email protected])
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 09:46:40 -0700

Hello WIRE, so it what I am reading is true, them the sale of boots may
become a thing of the past. We can still trade boots though? For those
out there who do not have stuff that they can use to trade, paying for
the cost that one might incur is a good option. What I mean to say is
for example, if the show you want is going to be a 2cd show, then offer
to pay for the cost of the blank cdr's. It is in this way that no
profit is made through the sale of boots, the one making the boot
recovers his or her costs.

I have changed my ways, I recently began to only trade or just recover
the cost I incur. I think it is the end of one era and the beginning of
another. For those who still choose to sell, that is perfectly fine.
That is your choice, however, things are getting too serious. I just
want to listen to U2 and talk about U2 with other fans. Thanks and God
Bless. -------Adrian

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