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Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:48:43 EDT

I am looking for a boot of the Popmart show(s) in Chicago. can anyone help me?
I am interested in the June 27th show esp. Thanks Diane

Oasis will never be the next U2. They have talked negatively of U2 in the
past. (magazine interviews). I think it was a spin interview if anyone is
interested in finding it. They are a bunch of drunk, angry idiot's if anyone
want's my opinion. I am really tired of people asking who will be the next
U2- If anyone is a "true U2 fan" they know there will never be another U2!!!!
GET REAL PEOPLE!!! I will enjoy them now and when their era of music
retires. There music will always be with my soul and my heart to be carried
with me to death and beyond!

"I believe in the Kingdom Come, then al the colours will bleed into one."


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