Better Than Ezra compared to U2

D. TOTH ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 13:09:42 -0700

In The Edmonton Journal there's a review of "How Does Your Garden Grow",
the new album by Better Than Ezra. It gives the album three and a half
stars out of five and says:
"While you can still play spot the influences with Better Than Ezra and
singer Kevin Griffon still sounds like an emasculated Bono, the New
Orleans band has expanded beyond its narrow pop-rock confines thanks to
producer Malcolm Burn. Its latest CD features bits of cinematic rock,
simple but fun funk, some cool instrumentation and plenty of tunes that
should please fans of Radiohead and U2 while they wait for them to
release their own works. A backhanded compliment? Yes, but a
compliment all the same.
-James Muretich, Calgary Herald"

Also, I heard that Danyel Ramelow is no longer selling the Edmonton
Pro-shot video, does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy?
Thanks a lot,

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