greatest hit albums?... :(

christina hyde ([email protected])
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 12:09:52 PDT

                  Hey all-

                  It's been three or four months since I have posted so
please bear with
                  me. I'm sort of out of the loop I guess you could say!
:) Of course I
                  had been trying to read wire whenever I could get to a
computer this
                  summer, but it's so frustrating not to be able to
post! Anyway I was
                  chilling in Mexico where tons of people love U2 and
that was helpful
                  although half the time I didn't understand what people
were saying
                  excatly. U2 goes beyond borders! :)

                  Anyway I was really thinking about this whole U2
greatest hit album
                  thing. I'm not saying my opinions or all my
information is correct but
                  from how things have been going, a greatest hits album
would signal the
                  end is near. I read some time ago that Bono would
start working on the
                  Billion or Million dollar hotel movie and that they
would put out a
                  greatest hit album when they thought that the music
wasn't coming to
                  them anymore. It might be that there is still music to
create, but there
                  could be other factors. I was also thinking about
Larry's, Edge's, and
                  Bono's children. They are all getting older and Bono
said once somewhere
                  that his children and family came first and his career
in music came
                  second. I'm sure he wants to be around as they are
getting older. Larry
                  also seems like the family man. His little boy
probably has Larry
                  wrapped around his finger. :) Please don't
misunderstand what I am
                  saying. It would break my heart if they never came out
with another
                  album. I don't want a greatest hit album! I'm not
saying that Elena is
                  wrong at all, but there has been alot of information
that contradicts
                  itself. Did someone say that U2 was back in the studio
and on fire with
                  more material? I try to not take every post for fact,
but I'm a sucker
                  when it comes to U2 information though.

                  living in a lemon bliss

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